Tuesday November 19, 2013

1st Annual Last Tuesdays Pajama Jammy Jam


What happens at Last Tuesdays, stays at Last Tuesdays.  Not!  In my best Nas voice:  “Life is good, life is good, life is good.”  Thank you to all the people that came to support Last Tuesdays for the last show of the year.  It has been so awesome to see how much our Themes have caught on, and to all of you who participated by rocking your pajamas, thank you again.  It was a comfortable and cozy vibe.  I was really loving the vibe of the crowd, great.  It was kind of odd seeing so many people in pajamas at a bar, but was loving all the different pajamas from the chick in the Dunkin’ Donuts to the Asian guy in the Batman Onesie who rolled up in a Harley to Onesies in general.  Special shout out to the brave soul who came out in his Falcons pajamas.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in pajamas.  Namaste to all of you that came out.  I usually thank the Artists next, but I’m going to thank our featured DJ first, DJ Wyze.  Thank you for getting the party started, for the soundtrack to the night.  It was like an Old School House Party.  That mix at the end had us all jumping for joy; well those that stuck around at least.  Namaste.  Our fearless leader Marco kicked it off as usual.  It wouldn’t be Last Tuesdays without your kickoff piece “Peace if you’re a new face”.  Namaste.  It got everybody’s attention and let us know the curtain was up, and a great night was upon us.  First up as usual our Feature Spoken Word Poet.  This month saw the return of Xavier.  You were nice kid.  You came with that Hip-Hop edge.  Sweet piece on Headphones: how you shut off the noise of the world with your headphones on and got a lesson in Hip-Hop.  And no paper shuffling this time.  Namaste.  We followed Xavier with the ladies of Parks and Wrecks.  Can I nickname you all Parks and Gangstas or Gangstas and Wrecks.  The perfect combination you are of Street Hip-Hop Edge, College Intellect, and Heart Melting Soul.  Who knew you Steph Love, Erin, and Carrie had so much singing chops.  You committed 100%, and I loved you all covering Amy Winehouse’s “I’m no good”.  Parks and Wrecks is like potpourri.  Varied scents that come together to create one beautiful, strong scent.  You span Rap and R&B to Soul to Spoken Word to everything in between.  Shout out to Ciesther on the Bass and Rina on the guitar and your voices.  If A Tribe Called Quest was an all girl group, it would be you.  Carrie, the soft spoken Hip-Hopster of the group, I guess you would be Q-tip.  Erin, the raw one, I guess you would be Phife Dog, and that leaves you Steph Love, who I guess embodies both.  Rina and Ciesther I guess you two would be Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  Namaste.  Our Hip-Hop portion of the show, saw the return of Eyerone.  It had been a while since we first had you, and all I remember is liking you the first time, and you did not disappoint the second time.  You took us on quite a journey, kicking it off with high energy with your “Unfamiliar Places” track with that bounce.  You then smoothed it out with that “Class Reunion” track that I could picture myself cruising down Virginia Beach Blvd with, checking to see if the hot sign was on, otherwise continuing on to Jade Villa.  You ended by bringing up your homeboy and gave us “Stuck In Forever.”  It reminded me of a joint that Kanye West might produce/record.  Nice.  Namaste.  To close down the Hip-Hop portion of the show, we saw the return of HenMusik.  You sir just bleed Hip-Hop.  Love the song you did about liars with the Johnny Cash sample.  Love how you get the crowd involved.  I don’t know any MCEE that could pull off Cookie Monster slippers and rock the crowd and have them take you seriously.  And the dance moves after the show, you ok?  You were doing flips and handstands.  Namaste.  Then end of the show saw the return of Lake Stovall.  Just as talented as I remember you.  You should stick to doing originals, however I did enjoy your cover of Chris Brown’s “Fine China”.   Better than the original.  I want “My Favorite Book” and “Green Stop Sign” on an album.  I can see you recording a classic album like a Ben Harper’s “Diamonds on the Inside”.  Namaste.  Trivia was a highlight as usual.  Guessing classic jingles was amazing.  We may have to hire security next time to protect our beloved Trivia Host Shane.  People just go crazy for Asian Jellies.  We need to get you a show on the Game Show Network.  Namaste.  Congratulations to the winner Save.  Thank you Shane for the candy.  What would Last Tuesdays be without candy.  Everyone was coming back for it like it was crack.  Thank you to 45 Degrees and the Barstaff and Kitchen.  Wow I can’t believe another year of Last Tuesdays has gone by.  Thank you to all the Artists, Musicians, Poets that performed throughout the year.  Namaste.  Thank you to all the DJs for taking a 90% pay cut as Marco likes to say for providing the soundtracks for the shows.  Namaste.  Thank you to all the fans of Last Tuesdays, especially those that didn’t miss a show.  We need to get you perfect attendance awards.  Namaste.  Thank you to Team Last Tuesdays.  In my DJ Khalid voice:  “We the best.”  I am so honored to be part of this institution that is Last Tuesdays.  We are the originators.  All praise and thanks to our Creator Marco who founded Last Tuesdays and created a foundation for Local Music and Spoken Word.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  We are still the best Showcase in the 757.  We consistently bring the best in Live, Local Music and Spoken Word.  Namaste.  The curtains falls on the last show of the year.  This was the slumber party of all slumber parties just without the slumber.  Did everyone just go home and jump straight into bed?  See everyone again in January.  Happy Holidays!  Until next time America.  Love, Peace, and Poetry!  Raul.

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