Oh my goodness, It is October, Halloween special. Wear your favorite Halloween outfit. Team Last Tuesdays loves dressing up. You should see the ladies of Team Last Tuesdays, always going above and beyond. Anyways, We are gonna have fun this last Tuesday, Oct. 29th. Also, November will be our last one for the year. If you or you know of anyone who has been involved in the music scene this year and is interested in performing – email us. We will be looking for new acts for 2014. Last Tuesdays, we are starting our 4th year. Wow.

I know there are a lot of scenes/organizations out there supporting local artists. So we know there a lot of good artists who still have not blessed Last Tuesdays show. Come check out the vibe. We donate our door proceeds to all the performing artists and that is how we show our appreciation. Plus we have the most incredible team. Thank you to Team Last Tuesdays. Peace, Marco.