WOW!  What a way to kick off our first show of our fourth year with one of our own loyal fans Melody Cecilia.  All this time you have been coming to all of our shows, and you never mentioned that you wanted to perform.  Who knew there resided in you this poet at heart.  Sweet, soft spoken you are but boy do you know how to tell a story.  You took us back to an era before writing when stories were passed down through word of mouth.  You mentioned you were nervous: I didn’t see it.  I was thinking if I was frequenting a coffee shop on the regular and wanted a poet performing, you’d be her.  As the song says “steady as she goes” as she won over the talking crowd to eventual silence.  Following her was another Poet extraordinaire at heart M.Haze.  I have been blessed to hear you through your writing at our Last Fridays writing group.  You also took us back to a time when people actually told stories through poetry and not just spit one hot line for an applause.  If that’s what you were looking for, you were in the wrong place.  I will take substance over one dope line that rhymes any day.  The Poets were just the melodic intro to the dope album what was to be the night.  The intro that calms your mind before the tempo picks up.  It was set off by Lake Stovall.  This is one talented musician.  I was blessed to see you perform twice in three days.  You are an unassuming kid.  I did not expect to hear what I did when you stepped up to the mic with your guitar.  A bluesy/soulful voice and music that I would describe as beach music meets the blues:  Ben Harper Blues meets Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes if you will.  The tempo picked up even further with our first rapper of the night, Handles.  I can’t say I like many rappers these days, but I like you.  I like your energy.  I like how your voice is an instrument onto its own that compliments the beat especially in a day and age of Hip-Hop when voices are separate entities that have a flow of their own; many times in sharp contrast to the beat(better known as as not rapping on beat).  The first show of our fourth year saw the reunion of 2 Up High.  I love you guys.  I remember first seeing you like over 10 years ago at “Marco and Friends”.  It was love at first sight.  The love continues especially since performances are few and far between with Mark stunting in Hollywood(literally stunting as in a stunt person) and Rina still rocking out on the East Coast.  You know there is something there when you can reunite and make it seem like you were never apart.  I don’t even know how to begin to describe your music.  Is it Punk because of the anti-establishment angst in your “dead broke” song, but then again there is soulfulness in the third song you performed: all mixed in with what one would maybe describe as Spoken Word with what Mark does.  I don’t know.  I just know you’re great.  If you missed it, sorry.  Who knows when they will perform again.  The honor of shutting down the show was in the hands of DAHHAVKNOTZ.  You guys took me back to an era of Hip-Hop when Rakim, The Ghetto Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest were Kings.  Back to a time when rappers hit the beat on every word.  It was refreshing in this new era of Hip-Hop were rappers don’t even pay attention to the beat.  Thank you.  Thank you for donating your proceeds back to Last Tuesdays and believing in our cause.  Thank you to everyone that supported us by buying bracelets and stickers.  Thank you to everyone that performed.  Thank you to Tashawn aka DJ Blood Diamond for providing the soundtrack for the night.  You had me at Hello when you submitted mixes wanting to get on.  You did not disappoint.  If you are a fan of Classic Hip-Hop as I am, he is your man.  No BTYM crew needed.  Shout out to BTYM for your continued support of Last Tuesdays.  Thank you to our Team Member Shane who has become a Star in his own right with doing Trivia.  Congratulations to whoever won the Asian Jello Shots.  Thank you to everyone that came to support us as we kicked off our fourth year.  Thank you to those who continue to discover us.  Thank you to the kat that complimented how much he loved our set up.  Thank you 45 Degrees and the Bar Staff.  Thank you to Team Last Tuesdays.  You all were looking sharp.  I felt like I was on the set of a Miami Vice reboot with Marco as Don Johnson and Shane as Tubbs and of course you have to have the fly ladies:  Steph Love, Neleh, and Shanika.  Shouts to the fly cameraman in his Miami Vice get up: AJ.  Until next time America.  Love, Peace, and Poetry.  Raul