Hands down this was the best Last Tuesdays of the year.  Only one more to go.  Going to be hard to top this one.  If it wasn’t the best, it was definitely the most fun with the most diverse talent.  I want to thank everyone that came to show support.  I want to thank everyone that came out in Costume.  It was beautiful.  Can’t wait to see the group picture we took at the end where everyone in Costume jumped in.  Thank you for showing Love.  One Love.  It is the reason why we do this:  to bring together community to appreciate the best in Live Local Music and Spoken Word.  It wasn’t as packed as last month, but it made for what seemed like a more beautiful intimate night.  I don’t know where the rest of you were, but you definitely missed out.  Those of you who did come, I guarantee you were glad you came.  Well except for the one Tom Cruise couple who left during the Spoken Word Performance.  I don’t think they liked it.  All I heard was the girl say interesting as they walked out.  I don’t know what there was not to like.  Gye Nyame was on fire.  You sir are the best!  You are the best in Performance Poetry meets Spoken Word meets like Hip-Hop/Beatboxing.  You like scratched over your own piece.  Who does that.  Who steps from behind the mic and goes amongst the crowd and commands attention like you do.  You were like one man theatre meets knowledge meets lyricism with a style all your own.  I don’t want to scare the Poet for next month whoever you may be, but Gye Nyame will be hard to top.  What a way to kick off the show and you came in Costume.  Thank you Gye Nyame.  One Love.  We followed that with some Acoustic Pop by Thomas McCormack.  Did we find you on The Voice?  I enjoyed your medley of Pop Songs.  You made them all your own.  The mark of a true Artist.  You then brought up your friend to close out your set with her doing the chorus to “Wrecking Ball” and then the improvisation ensued.  I loved it.  The chemistry between you two and the sound of both of you together was great.  I see an act with the both of you.  Thank you Thomas and friend.  One Love.  We then switched it up with a very nice surprise.  Watch out for this guy.  Ty I had never heard of you prior to this, so I didn’t know what to expect.  You brought it back to the days of Swing-Jazz-Soul.  Did we find you on The Voice also?  I was impressed.  Great to see someone keeping that Music alive.  You even got down on your knees to close the set with your rendition of “Always and Forever”.  You even had Tiff talking about wanting to throw panties on the stage.  I don’t think we have ever had anyone like you on the Last Tuesdays Stage.  Thank you Ty.  One Love.  Speaking of Tiff, Tiff the Gift was up next.  It is great to see you keeping Female Lyricism alive.  You definitely brought me back to the Heather B. days.  You didn’t even miss a step even with your CD acting up.  The show must go on.  Props to Lave Stovall for volunteering and beatboxing for Tiff.  Improvisation at it’s best.  Loved it.  You just had to be there.  Thank you Tiff the Gift.  One Love.  Trivia stole the show as usual.  Shane you are the best.  Great Skeleton Costume.  That make up job you did was sick.  Having the contestants guess the Horror Movie or TV show with only a snippet of the Theme Song from it was genius.  Congratulations to the Winner Beautiful Dizaster.  Thanks to Under Armor for the gift bag, but where did the Angry Bird Costume come from and how did Lake end up wearing it.  Thank you Shane once again.  One Love.  We closed out the show with Planet Zoron.  The Spaceship was flying high tonight.  You guys are the best Hip-Hop group ever!  You always bring it Live.  You never cease to Amaze and who has a Spaceship as a prop on stage.  There is no topping your energetic, creative, Spaceship wielding selves.  You shut it down once again.  Thank you again Planet Zoron.  One Love.  Team Last Tuesdays we are the best!  One Love to the Jedi Master Marco for hosting.  One Love to the Cohost, Misses Closing Thoughts herself, Steph Love.  The Lichtenstein Face Paint was off the chains.  One Love to the best Photographer/Pirate in the 757 Neleh who continues to make us look good in pictures.  Check out the pictures from last month’s Last Tuesdays on her timeline.  One Love to the floor manager JR aka Cobra Commander for part of the show at least.  One Love to 45 Degrees Martini Lounge and all the Staff.  Last and most importantly thank you to DJ Presto for providing the Soundtrack for the night and for having us rocking in between sets.  One Love.  One Love to the Flying Ginzu Brothers for showing love.  One more show left for 2013, one week earlier, November 19, 2013!  Until next time America.  Love, Peace, and Poetry!  Raul.