Tuesday September 24, 2013

Battle of the Fans: Hip-Hop Edition


Love of Hip-Hop.  I’m going to try to keep this recap nice and short.  Normally as I’m writing the recap, a word or phrase comes to me that resonates.  This time it’s “Love of Hip-Hop”.  I want to thank the crowd for coming out to support.  I overheard someone saying how big of a crowd had assembled, especially once we got started.  There is always that fear around 10pm when the place still looks kind of empty, but it filled up not too long after.  I want to thank all the Artists that rocked the stage.  Thank you to Vexx Music for coming through with the longer mic chord.  When I first agreed upon this all Hip-Hop show, I was all in.  It wasn’t until after that I thought about the other all Hip-Hop show that we did.  I don’t remember it being one of our best.  I have been to many Hip-Hop shows in the area.  They can be hit or miss.  Sometimes you may get a couple of Rappers in the line up who are true Artists who have a stage presence and actually move the crowd.  I would have to say everyone tonight was a hit.  For those of you not familiar with our Battle of the Fans Edition, it is something we did once before.  We just let fans decide who wins the door proceeds.  We tell the Artists in advance, so they can promote themselves and tell everyone they invite to vote for them.  Normally we divide the door proceeds with all the Performing Artists.  I find that a lot of Artists in the area are not great at promoting themselves, so this gives them an incentive.  So many different genres within the larger Hip-Hop Genre were represented.  We started off with Writer Jones who broke us off with something different by actually performing songs.  Previously he had only performed Spoken Word Poetry for us.  He represented the “Old Lyrical Soul” Hip-Hop where command of the Mic and Lyrics were essential.  Thank you.  We always enjoy hearing something new from returning Artists.  We followed Writer Jones with a new Artist to the Last Tuesdays Stage, Tokyo Trendz.  He represented the New School, skinny jean wearing Hip-Hop.  Thank you for not being like every other Rapper.  Following him was self proclaimed NerdCore Rapper The Zinc Platypus.  He was a pleasant surprise.  I liked the music he sent to us, but wasn’t sure what kind of energy he would bring.  Unasuming at first, but as soon as the first beat dropped, and you went in hard, you set the tone for the rest of your performance.  A lot of people were feeling you.  Thank you for bringing it, thank you for bringing something different to the stage.  Next we had Glo Shines.  You and Zinc Platypus kind of stole the show for me.  You being the only female in the line up, you held your own, if not out did everyone else.  If I had a vote and was voting based on performance, I probably would have voted for you.  You were like the Classics meets New School from you rapping over a Black Sheep Classic to your flow on beat to more of a bounce.  Thank you Glo Shines for holding it down for the ladies and pleasing us men too.  We then had a quick interlude with Max Fullard debuting his song “Aaliyah” courtesy of DJ Ready.  Check him out on iTunes.  We finished the night with two returning O.G.s Soul Sun and Mass featuring DJ Dan Stuckie.  I praise you all all the time, so need to rave on about you.  You two bring more of a Classic Sound with a more modern flow.  Always good to hear new music from you two and hear you freestyle and get the crowd involved.  This boy Mass pulled out a chair and sat and did a smooth outro to end his peformance.  Who does that.  A creative, true Artist at it’s best.  Congratulations on winning Battle of the Fans.  Well deserved.  Thank you two for bringing it as always.  Thank you to DJ Ready for providing the Soundtrack for the night.  You hit us with all the Classic Bangers.  Thanks for participating in the Hip-Hop Theme.  Team Last Tuesdays voted you best dressed for the night with your Coogi sweater, gold chains, cane, and Tims.  Had us singing “Although we’ve come to the end of the road…….”  Thank you to everyone that participated in the Hip-Hop theme.  Wu-Tang, Skullies, Adidas, Snapbacks, and more were truly represented.  Trivia was on point once again.  Shane was stressing on what to do with Trivia prior to the Show.  You came through with the snippets of themes from Classic Shows to the singing of themes.  You even got Step Love to sing.  Shout out to Vexx Music for winning the Box of Asian Cookies, Coolio CD, C&C Music Factory CD, and Ticket to Night at the Iguanas.  Shout out to Planet Zoron and The Takeover for donating a ticket to their upcoming show as a prize.  Thank you to our Host Marco for transitioning all the Artists.  Steph Love for the closing statements.  Neleh for Photography.  J.R. for holding down the floor.  Thank you to everyone that supported us by buying a sticker and bracelet.  Thanks to everyone at 45 Degrees Martini Lounge.  Thank you to 757 Clever Customs for showing your Art.  Until next time America.  Love, Peace, and Poetry!  Raul.